Senior Professors

John Stott

Dr. Stott is senior professor of Systematic Theology at Baptist Theological Seminary. Holding advanced degrees in theology from Wheaton, Harvard and Yale, Dr. Stott is well-versed the topics of New Testament Theology and Ecclesiology. For 25 years, Stott served on the board of directors for Baptist Church Planting and was instramental in starting churches in North America and Asia. During this time, he fell in love with the study and application of systematic theology. When reaching people for Christ, he found that many people had a tremendous need to learn more about what the Bible says and how they can apply it in their lives. This lead him to persue degrees in theology from institutions around the world. It was at this time when Stott also started writing, which lead to a promising career in Christian publishing. Still, Stott's love for teaching held strong and in 2011, Dr. Stott joined the faculty here at Baptist Theological Seminary. Under his leadership, our theology program has grown both numerically and academically. We have students enrolled who are excited to learn and grow in their understanding of theology thanks to the tireless efforts of Dr. Stott.

Roderick Blaze

Dr. Blaze is our senior professor of Old Testament studies and Old Testament Theology. Holding Ph.D degrees from McGill and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Blaze is a force to be reckoned with in the Old Testament. Having pioneered the Bronze Age Exodus Collapse Theory, Dr. Blaze turned academic world upside down. A prolific author, Dr. Blaze has published more 50 books, including more than 10 that have made it to the New York Times Best Sellers List! Roderick has a passion for teaching the Old Testament and has a unique ability to mind gold from the origional languages. He teaches Old Testament, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin here at Baptist Theological Seminary. All students love Roderick Blaze for his sense of humor, his relational teaching style and his academic clarity. Dr. Blaze loves students and loves missions. He is a great asset to our institution!

Alejandro Rodriquez

Alejandro Rodriquez is senior professor of New Testament Studies and Missiology. He developed a passion for missions early on in his formative years at university. Soon after, he began serving in international missions around the world. Having travelled to over 100 different countries preaching, teaching and serving the Lord. Dr. Rodriquez is a lover of cultures and a proclaimer of the Gospel. Dr. Rodriquez is passionate about teaching and often loves to teach his students outside. You will likely find him in our football field behind the school playing football with the students or teaching beside the trees. He organizes our missions trips in the Spring, Summer and Fall each year.

Associate Professors

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior -Missiology
Radamel Falcao -Business
Willian Borges da Silva -Theology
Zinedine Yazid Zidane -New Testament

After an injury forced Neymar to retire early from football, he found his true passion for teaching missiology.  He is always passionately planning summer missions trips (especially whenever there is football involved).  He teaches both Old and New Testament missions here at BTS.

After an early retirement from football, Radamel decided to try his hand at business.  After becoming wildly successful in the business world, Radamel found Christ and decided to take his love for business to the seminary.  He teaches business development and business as mission here at BTS. When he is not teaching students, he is teaching Neymar how to better play football.

Willian is new to our seminary but he has already made tremendous waves!  His classes are some of the most popular here as the students see his tremendous love for Jesus shine through in all that he does.  He boldly leads in evangelism and discipleship and he passionately teaches from the Word (even when he is not in front of classroom he is teaching).  He teaches systematic theology, and the Pauline Epistles here at BTS.

Zidane is serious about the New Testament.  After a lifetime of authorship and more than 25 books on the subject, Zidane established himself as a tremendous authority in this subject.  All of that changed when he realized his true calling was teaching.  He joined our seminary faculty in 2009 and has helped us grow our New Testament classes and develop our international relations with many schools in France.