New Partnership with SWBTS-GTI changes everything

This changes everything!

We have tremendous news! 

In an exciting new development, BTS had teamed up with Southwestern's GTI program!  As many of you have heard, SWBTS-GTI is at the forefront of Global Theological Education impacting literally hundreds of seminaries and Bible Colleges around the world!  Amazing developments have been made between Baptist Theological Seminary and the GTI team.  A Champion church, First Baptist Local Church has also joined our ministry efforts and will be helping us both in terms of man-power, prayer and financial resources.

Thanks be to the Lord, we are already experiencing tremendous growth!  GTI will help us get our systems on-line, get resources into our hands, secure strategic partnerships and walk with us through the process of becoming a global institution!  We have already seen amazing things happen with other partnerships around the world and we are very excited to be able to participate in this great work!

Expect exciting new changes this Fall as our new systems come on-line!

This changes everything!