BTS Students Build wells in central africa

BTS Students this summer completed in the building of 10 wells in South Sudan this summer!  The great effort was spearheaded by Rodrigo Octavio of our missions program.  He gathered 20 fellow students and put together the BTS-WELLness Project, a missional outreach program that is designed to not only provide countries around the world with physical water, but also spiritual water as well.

Having a background in petroleum engineering has helped Rodrigo tremendously in this new ministry as it has given him the tools needed in order to find, locate and extract water in an efficient manner.  This is the second year of this tremendous ministry and we have already seen it affect thousands of people world-wide.

Just imagine, villages accessing clean water and hearing the Gospel at the same time.  Amazing opportunities are being provided for our students all over the world!  We are seeing some fantastic ministries started.

If you would like to join this ministry, please contact Rodrigo through our Student Portal!