Academics at Baptist Theological Seminary

A Great Education is More than Just Studying

At Baptist Theological Seminary, you will explore the world, you will launch businesses, you will teach, preach and practice evangelism.  Our professors are passionate about reaching the world for Christ and they will instill into you that same passion.  Together, we will study, read, and write, but we will also lead, preach, travel, share and change the world together.

One of the things that makes our university unique is that we are accessible anywhere in the world! It doesn't matter if you studying in Canada or China, you can reach our school's site, have access to all of your classes, and access our vast theological library.  We are available where you are!

Come join us and see what God has in-store for you!

Besides great academic programs, we offer the following to all of our students!

  • Online access to all of your classes anywhere in the world.

 Academic Programs

School of Missions

Our school of missions was founded on the principles of Matthew 28:18-20.  For us, missions begins in your home town and expands outwards.

Our school offers a great array of programs including: Missiology, Evangelism Islamic Studies, Hindu Studies, Buddhist Studies, and Bible Storytelling

All students enrolled in the missions program will participate and eventually lead their own international missions trips.

School of Theology

Our school of theology will train you to think Biblically, apply theological concepts to life and mission and equip you for pastoral ministry or ministry leadership.

Our school of theology offers the following programs: New Testament Studies, Old Testament Studies, Biblical Theology, Evangelism, Preaching, Lay Ministry, and Biblical Counselling

All students enrolled in the school of theology will get hands on experience in teaching and preaching.

School of Business

Our exciting school of business will train you to engage in the business world. Through the corporate workplaces, you will be able to minister in unique ways.

Our school of business offers the following programs: Business as Mission, Economics, Accounting, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Small Business Development,  and Business Administration

All students enrolled in the school of business will start and launch their own business by the time they graduate.