We are all about the Kingdom of God

Our mission is to train up the next generation of Christian leaders.

Founded in 1997, Baptist Theological Seminary set out to do one thing: train the next generation of Christian leaders for advancing the Kingdom of God.  Our growth started out slowly while we set our foundational roots.

A Great Partnership, arrived a few years ago when we partnered with Southwestern's GTI Program.  Through GTI, we were given access to tremendous resources including the ability to put our entire school system on-line.  This dramatically increased our access to the world and we experienced a tremendous amount of growth.  We were also given access to a vast theological library that has been provided to all of our students for free!

Our Champion Church has further blessed us in providing resources and man-power to help us greatly expand!  We now run in more than 10 locations in our country and we have student enrollment in the thousands!

This website is a technical demonstration

This website is a technical demonstration in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the SWBTS-GTI program.  It is the combination of several different academic tools that showcases a school's ability to run completely on-line giving students access through any computer or smart-device anywhere in the world.

Specifically, this demonstration connects the following tools:  (Academic Website and Landing Page, Learning Management System, Digital Library, Digital Broadcasting System, and Student Tools).  These can be found in the Student Portal  

A temporary  student account has been created for you to see the integration of these systems:

Username:  billytest
Password: John3:16

A temporary professor account has been created for you to see the administrative side of the portal:

Username: ronaldo_professor
Password: John3:16