New Library

Our new digital library has arrived... and it rivals Gutenberg!

You wouldn't expect to see rows upon rows of hard drives in your new library, unless of course it comes from SWBTS-GTI. Under a new initiative taken by our school in coordination with our Champion Church and SWBTS-GTI, we were able to secure tens of thousands of volumes for our students here at BTS. What's more, we have new volumes being added weekly! This is a game-changer for us as it allows you to have access to quality theological sources on-line anywhere in the world. Gone are the days of the traditional library, where books were limited and in short supply. Gone are the days when our students have to wait days or perhaps weeks to get the book that they want checked-out as we are able to now allow simultaneous check-out of our digital archive. Gone are the days of travelling to a library and waiting on library hours to get your book. You are able to access your books online anywhere in the world and what's more, our new digital library rivals Gutenberg! We have more books, more resources and more theological works at our disposal so that you can have better access to quality material for your studies!